The right haircut speaks volumes about your style, personality and fashion sense. The eyes may be a window to the soul, but the locks bust down doors without you breathing a single word.

Whether you want those words to scream sexy, demure, sensual, flirty, dramatic, sassy or bold, the right stylist can achieve that look in just a few snips.

Jonathan T’s Salon in Palm Beach Gardens brings to light that essence of individuality, and it all begins with what salon owner Yanni Pishos calls the “Perfect Consultation.”

“We’re taking it to the next level,” Pishos said. “We’re now implementing the Perfect Consultation. We like to sit down with the client and really get a feel for what they’re really looking for, for what they really want.”


How does he know?

“I was born with a pair of scissors in my hand,” Pishos said, who has been styling for 28 years. “I grew up in the industry. My mother, father and uncles were all in the beauty industry.”

The Chicago native’s family has owned salons and a beauty school in and around the Windy City.

It’s no wonder he learned early on that not only does a stylist need a good pair of scissors, but a good pair of ears.

Stylists at Jonathan T’s are all trained to listen and ask the right questions, like what hairstyles have worked for you, or which styles were you unhappy with in the past.

It begins with an in-depth interview, getting to the root of the matter.

Taking everything the client has expressed into consideration, along with their own keen observations, including the shape of the face, skin tone and type of hair – thick, thin, coarse or curly – informative suggestions can be made.

By recognizing the client’s best features, they can enhance those baby blues, or bring that perfect pout front and center, helping you to put your best face forward.


After deciding upon a cut, they’ll guide you through the palette of colors, highlights, lowlights, and explain which hue will exclusively suit you.

“Being very fair and having white hair – they look washed out,” Pishos said. “By adding gold or a darker blonde, it can really change a person’s look, bringing it to the next level.”

By the end of the Perfect Consultation, Pishos is assured that both client and stylist have developed a symbiotic relationship. When both are comfortable knowing that they’re on the same page, the scissors come out, the color is mixed and the magic happens.


The popular salon has been making magic for 40 years, with Yanni and wife Maria at the helm for 14 of them. Although an icon in Palm Beach Gardens, it’s no relic.

“Times change and Jonathan T’s changes with the times,” Yanni said. “We keep up with the new products, the new styles. The beauty industry is always changing, so Jonathan T’s has always changed with the times.”

And Pishos has seen the times change from the rage of “the Rachel” to today’s favorites: ultra-long hair with curls like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez, asymmetrical bobs sported by Rihanna and bangin’ bangs a la First Lady Michelle Obama. Put the bob with the bangs and you have Katie Holmes’ new ‘do.

“Trending movie stars, high-publicity people, people in the media do really set some trends,” he said.

So, should you feel odd carrying a picture of some celeb’s cute coif to the salon with you?

Absolutely not, says Yanni. In fact, it’s a good idea.

A picture is a great prop to use during the Perfect Consultation. No words can truly describe the color or cut you want like a picture can. The color red may be fiery to one person, while to another it’s more auburn.

Another aspect that sets Jonathan T’s apart from other salons is the sendoff.

You won’t be walking out that door until you know how to style your new look and you’ve been properly schooled in color maintenance. The stylists have a range of products to produce a personalized prescription for healthy hair.

But let’s face it: we all retreat to a salon for relaxation and a little “me” time. At Jonathan T’s, you’ll be comforted by warm, pale-yellow walls, sleek, modern furnishings and beautiful lighting that combine to create a clean, spa-like atmosphere.

The full-service salon offers haircuts for men, women and children as well as expert color treatments, skin care, nail services, body waxing and makeup application.

You can find Jonathan T’s Salon at 4517 PGA Blvd. in Palm Beach Gardens. To schedule an appointment, call (561) 626-1829, or for more information on their products and services, visit www.jonathantsalon.com.

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